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    We at Alabama's Finest™ are here to build bridges and help independent artists get much needed exposure. If you have some hot new music singles & you want to get them played on our station, All you have to do is

    • Create a free artist account, update your profile & upload your music. A member of our team will retrieve your material and submit it to me for inclusion on the fastest growing internet radio station on the web. Please note: creating an account here will only help benefit you more in the long run. If a listener like your music, they will likely come to this website to lookup your catalog & potentially follow you on the social media links that you post on your profile.

    • Take the easy route: email your mp3 files to submissions (AT) alabamasfinest.net

    For more information about our station, feel free to contact us

  • We Gladly accept donations

    If you are interested in sending a charitable donation to Alabama's Finest, you can anonymously do so by sending your desired amount to our PayPal account. No registration is needed, you can begin by visiting our PayPal Me link


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