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I AM Radio Illuminati, a Danish/Italian songwriter, producer and artist and a former Radio host at Radio NRJ.

I combine Old and New School with elements from Hip Hop, Latin, Classical, Pop, R&B, EDM and Jazz.

I'm a big fan of Black Culture. Black Culture has taught me to connect with my heart via authenticity and honesty with my feelings. The heart is the gateway to the soul and God/unconditional love in the heart. A heart activated makes a person very street-smart. I'm not a Christian or religious. I'm a DIY spiritual. Learning by doing.

Avoid the sell-soul-for-fame deal! Its a trap. No pun intended...

Michael Jackson R.I.P., R. Kelly, Teddy Riley and Timbaland(world's best producer)

Radio Illuminati - Old School Hip Hop Or RnB Beat

Artist: Radio Illuminati
Genre: Hip Hop Beat

Radio Illuminati - R&B/Hip Hop Beat

Artist: Radio Illuminati
Genre: R&B/Hip Hop beat Illuminati Music

Radio Illuminati - Free Hip Hop Beat

Artist: Radio Illuminati
Genre: Hip-hop & Rap

Viva Más - Hey Yo (Produced/Composed by Radio Illuminati)

Artist: Radio Illuminati
Genre: Club Latin

Radio Illuminati Ft. Professor Griff(voice sample) - Buzzsaw

Artist: Radio Illuminati
Genre: Hip Hop
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