Overly saturated underground music industry

By Administrator, 2016-08-08

The underground music scene has become overly saturated with a wide array of overrated (aspiring) artists, music producers and recording engineers. With the development of popular DAWS, any and everyone can 1. Own a home recording studio & or 2. Call themselves a record label (Shrugs🤔). What I find to be so intriguing. is the amount of people who actually believe that the material that they produce is 1. worthy enough to be deemed "a hit." 2. The material is in fact industry standard and radio ready. & or 3. They possess the common sense and or professional attributes to successfully execute a release, breaking their way into the mainstream industry.

In my 16 year span in music, I have not yet seen an underground entity go from the ground to the top of the pyramid without a sense of direction, discretion or investment. True, some entities may overcome the odds & generate a local to regional following but they still lack the capability to spread their buzz to outside of their realm. Reason being, they are too engulfed in the current fads to effectively strategize the means to get their music out to the masses professionally. In addition, they lack the understanding of audience targeting as the appeal to certain music tends to differ in different markets.

Respectfully ranting, underground entities will always be at a disadvantage when it comes to the music industry because some (if not most) entities tend to metaphorically take the usual route vs the scenic route. Perhaps this is due to the lack of patience as everyone wants what they want; right here, right now or no later than "by tomorrow night" (per say). With that being said, please allow me to give a thorough analysis of the typical underground entities, the their goals and their greatest downfall. (Based on my own personal experience)

GROUP A: underground artists, primarily a group of aspiring individuals who lack major backing, major funding & or professional management who truly understands the nature of the mainstream industry and truly posses a reputable track record. The biggest goal of an underground artist is to land a major record deal in order to make up for the things that they lacked the patience to do over a period of time. The typical underground artist (in my eyes) are easily swayed as they tend to cave in to the masses. Instead of developing/mastering a unique style of their own, their biggest downfall is their tendency to emulate the popular artists of today as if the masses will like them more if they remaster something that has already been mastered for the liking of the masses (brilliant 😂)..

GROUP B: underground music producers, typically a group of aspiring individuals who feel like their work is the best thing since sliced bread. Fact, within this group; there is a very small amount of individuals who are truly gifted as they possess the sound, the mix & that mainstream appeal. On the otherhand, the other 90% of this group either have the sound but lack the mixing skills, have the mixing skills but lack the sound or lack all of the above but have everything under the sun just so they can say they got this/that/etc. their biggest downfall is the lack of effective management, lack of direction or they waste too much time dealing with underground artist who lack direction & most importantly, they overlook the different avenues of music music production i.e. music cues, licensing, performance rights management, etc.

GROUP C: underground record labels, typically 1-5 individuals who strive to have their own brand because they lack the money/resources to own a certified commercial company. Their aspirations are similar to the the aspirations of group A, except they are looking for major companies to pick up/back up or/sponsor a company that has no structure/assurances/direction/etc. their biggest downfall is NO DIRECTION.. Ineffective business strategies, inadequate paperwork & lack of relevant inside connections are the key factors that drives/assure their failure. Instead of utilizing the advantages of today's technology, they tend to operate on an outdated business model that is no longer effective under today's music business model (no pun intended 🤗). Not ALL underground record labels are ineffective, but how do you expect an unknown company make it big when 90% of them lack the capacity to execute project effectively on a wide scale, without major funding/backing?

GROUP D: underground recording engineers: a very important group of individuals that EVERY label needs in order to turn a recording into a song. With the rising availability of DAWS, anyone who owns a recording interface, mic & computer can call themselves an engineer. Of this group (underground that is), roughly 95% lack the proper credentials to assume the title of a recording engineer. As weird as it sounds in the underground market, know how out trumps credentials. It's kinda like a musician who knows how to read music vs one who plays music by ear as they know how to memmick what they hear. At the end of the day, the guy with the degree/certificate will get the major gig quicker than the guy who knows how to record/mix for over 10yrs.😅😂😭 The goals of this group is very different from all groups combined. Some do it for love, some do it for money, a few do it for credits & a slim majority do it in hopes of landing a gig with a major record label. The biggest downfall of those who know how is they believe that they are the best there is, as much as you believed Christ died on the cross for your sins😁 Every underground engineer has a flaw (myself included) instead of furthering their sound education or investing in their gear, they look to learn as much as they can; primarily from those who have better setups/understanding to incorporate with their own skills to complete for who can do it better (a leech)🙄😒

To sum this whole thing in a nutshell, the underground music industry has become so saturated until I'm to the point to where I have (on a few occasions) contemplated selling my gear withdrawing my savings and move abroad the live my dream on my own dime. I am tired of wasting my time working with artists/labels with no sense of direction I'm tired of working with people who wants to record at my HD facility & wants to migrate the production to a non HD facility to let ray ray do that lil thing I like him to do to my vocals because he knows my sound. Mofo, I know they science of sound recording and mixing; how TF can ya boy know sound from an industry standard standpoint?

There's no way on this planet will I be pleased having my name featured on a song credits when I spend so much time making the production industry standard & you let lil ray ray fk up the production when he added too much eq/gain/compression/etc. It's like I made a perfect pitcher of cool aid & ray ray added a cup of water, fk'd up the flavor.😩 From this point forward, I have a new standard. I only work with entities with direction, who have a budget & who's not afraid to try a new sound. My sound is special, if you want high quality HD product; leave it to me. But if you like what ray ray do to your vocals, record at ray Ray's.. I'm trying to get my name out there too, not have a usual know how pass off my work as his. GTFOH..😏

New Music Wanted

By Administrator, 2016-05-01

Calling all independent artists, we are currently accepting music submissions from independent artists. All music collected will be played in-stream on Alabama's Finest internet radio. The stream can be heard on our website & on our internet radio application, (found on Google Play). As always, it is absoutely free to submit your music & have your music played in regular rotation. Submitting your music is a very easy & pain free process. All you have to do is create an account on this website & upload "X" amount of music. That's it....

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Introducing Alabama's Finest™ interactive

By Administrator, 2016-04-19
Introducing Alabama's Finest™ interactive
How many Internet Radio stations, you know that compiled its own streaming server, released an independently branded application and community that allows you to interact with listeners and or artists you hear in stream... #WeWillWait...

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Get Our New Internet Radio App on Google Play

By Administrator, 2014-06-21
Get Our New Internet Radio App on Google Play
On May 28, 2014 we officially released the newest version of our #new internet radio station application, on Google Play. Our Application supports all version of Android Os. Go to Google Play to download: "Alabama's Finest Radio"

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