Asset of the year award recipient

Alabama's Finest™ Proudly presents to Ricky Abercrombie, with the prestigious "Asset of the year Award." Mr. Abercrombie has worked so hard in making Alabama's Finest™ So successful. When our website officially launched back in 2010, Mr. Abercrombie shared his vision with our brand. At first, we found his roadmap to be a bit far fetched & un achieveable but as the years passed, his vision has become a reality as the years rolled on. Over a span of six (6) years, Mr. Abercrombie has personally invested an astounding $12,000+ Into the Alabama's Finest brand.

Monies were used to upgrade our inhouse recording studio to a full fledge Pro Tools HD3 facility, purchase a sublimation printer, a sublimation heat press & 32" vinyl cutter. In addition, Mr. Abercrombie acquired a fairly expensive license so we can use our world class website application as our very own branded marketplace. Also, Mr. Abercrombie has acquired & continuously mange our two (2) Virtual Private Servers which is used to host both our website & our internet radio station. Speaking of which, Mr. Abercombie has compiled/installed our internet broadcast streaming server & he co-wrote the Alabama's Finest internet radio station application & he  published it on google play. Last but not least,

Mr. Abercrombie officially made Alabama's Finest into an official brand when he registered our entity for an Alabama State Trademark. These contributions have made him an active shareholder which renders him eligible to receive this prestigious award from the Alabama's Finest™ Brand.

Thank you so much for your on-going dedication, hard work & countless investments to make us who we are today. None of these things would not be possible without your vision & leadership.