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    T.A.P (Take a Picture) Kilo ft. Mr 100 & NLz
    Goin Hard

    Goin Hard

    album: 5-1-01
    genre: Rap
    Countin Paper (Flexin) Kilo ft. Mr 100 & NLz
    The Money Talks
    Tryna Catch me Slippin

    Tryna Catch me Slippin

    genre: Rap
  • Artist Spotlight

    Lil Neekz

    Lil Neekz

    Lil Neekz is a professional Hip-Hop artist from London, Ontario, Canada. His music has a vintage yet Futuristic sound and his lyrics are pure truth and more realistic than most. He has opened up for artists like Classified & Maestro Fresh West...


    #itzNLz!!!! Check me out right now on Alabama's Finest™. My music can also be heard right now on Alabama's Finest™ Internet Radio
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