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    T.A.P (Take a Picture) Kilo ft. Mr 100 & NLz
    It's  Day Light Time
    Coming Strong

    Coming Strong

    album: Time Capsuling Music
    genre: Instrumentals
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  • itzNLz is a Initiate of the illuminati. He wears the chain & he openly admitted it in the song: Free Society. The entire song is very cryptic, He wants you to believe that he's advocating for a lawless society controlled by anarchists. In all actuality, he's truly advocating for the expansion of the global elitist agenda & wanting to be a participant order so he can reach higher level. AnarchySekt 12/20 is all front. It's a false flag agenda designed by his handlers to garner enough followers to use their spirituality to invoke a stronger force, ie......
    If that's not enough, why does he make certain signs and genstures in his photos & videos? Or why do he continue to leave riddles or paribles in his songs?