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    T.A.P (Take a Picture) Kilo ft. Mr 100 & NLz
    Goin Hard

    Goin Hard

    album: 5-1-01
    genre: Rap
    Chillin nDa Back ft. Smokie Hogg & Mr.100
    Gettind It From The Mud

    Gettind It From The Mud

    album: On The Read
    genre: Instrumentals


    album: Klassikal Entertainment 2
    genre: Hip-Hop
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    Get Ready For My2Cents

    By Administrator, 2019-06-20
    Get Ready For My2Cents

    After 8 months of inactivity, we will be back on the air LIVE... TrickyRicky underwent back surgery last fall and has been recovering for the past 8 months. Now that he's back, He will be launching his own stream channel called: "My Two Cents." He will continue to co host "PorchTalk Live" but since he has more free time, he will be going live "A LOT" talking about politics and current affairs. Stay tuned to Alabama's Finest Radio™ as updates will be broadcasted in stream. As you can see we have made some changes to our website, we have introduced some new features & more features are on the way. Thank you so much for your continued support of this platform, we look forward to implementing our revamped presence moving forward.

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