Alabama's Finest™

Alabama's Finest™ is a homegrown entity. We were officially founded on March 30, 2010 in Fultondale, Alabama. Our founding purpose was to establish an independently branded media streaming network that was exclusively built for people, business & entertainers from Alabama. As years progressed & new technologies emerged, our focus has matured & we've broadened our objective. Our Systems Administrator (TrickyRicky), thought it would be in our best interest to transform this social networking platform into a full blown 3 tier brand, with social audio being at our core.

Tier 1: Alabama's Finest™- is our official social media application. This platform is available in desktop, mobile & in app. Our platform serves as a portal where independent artists can utilize our powerful tools to reach music lovers who live in the state of Alabama (digitally). Artists who join our community will gain a full pass  to setup an online catalog where they can upload their music, videos & events. In addition, artists can also import SoundCloud songs, YouTube videos & Vimeo videos to their catalog where they can earn play counts through our platform. Artists who upload their music to their catalog will also have their songs featured on our Internet Radio Station, at no extra cost. And if they has a physically strong following, they will be allowed to bid on a feature slot on our home page.

Tier 2: Alabama's Finest™ Radio- is our official internet radio station that can be streamed on our website or on other third party ShoutCast streaming applications. Our internet radio station operates on our VPS cloud (codename: BLakBoXx). We use a highly sophisticated broadcast automation/scheduler application. Our entire internet radio program is hosted in the cloud. We have the ability to interrupt rotation & go live, anywhere where we have an internet signal. And when we are done, our scheduled rotation will resume. This broadcasting server was compiled/installed & maintained by our Systems Administrator. No 3rd party entities are not supplying us with this service. We are 100% independently owned, controlled and operated.

Tier 3: Alabama's Finest™ HD Studios- is the heart of our organization (our crown jewel). Our studio is the official headquarters of the Alabama's Finest™ brand. All promo drops, organizational artists catalogs & in-stream commercials were produced at our in-house facility. 85% of our live streams are relayed from this location. In addition to our production capabilities, we also own a nifty little manufacturing lab, which consists various heat presses, sublimation printers & 2 vinyl plotter cutters.

"Are you guys a Record Label?"

Answer:  "Yes"..

We are currently looking for new artists to join our digital roster & become one of the many faces of this growing brand. Our digital footprint spans across 150 countries. We could greatly help you build your online presence and help you learn how to independently manage your performance rights catalog & how to submit your music to all music platforms. There are no lengthy complicated contracts that will limit your ability to grow. There are no HUGE cuts that comes out of your earnings. Signing on is as easy as signing up. our terms of service is our contract.

"How do you guys make money from what you do?"

Answer: "administrative funding"

Alabama's Finest™ is an independently branded & funded organization. We make our own money through in app ad placement, subscriptions, music royalties, featured slot placement on our (website) home page, donations, through in stream advertisement & through the sales of our other branded products and services. A small percentage of our revenue is used to furnish this world class platform so it's free to the general public. And the remainder of the funds go into the estate of the "TRUE" owners of Alabama's Finest™. The Identity of the owners are private as the Current CEO is only 11 yrs old & the President is only 9 yrs old. The Systems Administrator is only responsible for the development, upkeep and management of this service until control is turned over to the owners in January 2028. They will fully inherit a full turnkey system that will ensure generational wealth.