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Alabama's Finest™ website is in compliance with United States Copyright, Trademark & Anti-Piracy Laws. All songs, images & videos featured on this website were granted to us via license, through our website terms of service. We have a zero tolerance policy for copyright infringement, we regularly review pages on our website to ensure that every member are complying with our terms of service.

Alabama's Finest™ is an independent social media community that is 100% committed to helping independent artists sell their own intellectual property through our worldwide marketplace. Each artist on our roster undergo a review. If their music meets our criteria, it is indeed their own intellectual property & it is compliant with U.S Copyright laws, it is deemed good enough to be featured on our website.

If you feel like a merchant on our catalog is infringing on your entellectual rights, please use the contact us page right away to file a complaint with Alabama's Finest™ executives. Please include your contact info, your copyright info, the link to the offending profile along with a link to your song that's being infringed on. Upon receiving your claim, we will then launch an internal investigation to determine if the offender is truly at fault. If it is determined that your rights are being infringed upon, we will then suspend the offending profile until the matter has been legally resolved. Before attempting to take legal action against Alabama's Finest™, please be mindful of our site's terms of service regarding our indemnification clause. All legal matters regarding copyright infringement are to be taken directly with person(s) at fault. Alabama's Finest™ is here to assist you if the need arise and we will turn over any and all content that is amissable in court as evidence. 

Facts about our website
Things you should know about who we are, what are are doing and how we are doing it.

1. Songs, Videos and Images uploaded to the site are the property of its respected owner. 
2. Songs, Videos and Images uploaded to the site are original compositions, created by independent artists who use our service.
3. Independent artists using our service typically upload their material to our website for visitors to stream, download & or buy.
4. Files distributed on our website, by independent artits are hosted locally on their profile. No files are hosted on third party file sharing websites.
5. When a visitor initiates download or purchase, the file is served directly to them through our system.
6. We do not support the sales of certain mixtapes. If an atirst is selling or giving away mixtapes, they must contain their own compositions.