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We at Alabama's Finest deeply value the safety and security of members & artists, using our service. With that being said, we want to be as transparent as possible by disclosing how our system gather, store and collect information about users, artists & visitors using our website. If we make changes to the way our system gather information, we will notify artists/users via email; explaining what was changed, how it was changed and why we changed it. Below is a list of various interfaces used by our system. If you are in question about a particular interface, please direct your inquiry to our support forum or simply contact us, using our contact us form.

Alabama's Finest Internet Radio Application

When you install the Alabama's Finest internet radio android application to your android device, no additional information is collected from you nor your device. However, the Alabama's Finest application does require permission from your device. The application only require permission to use the following resources: 1. Network State- The application will determine if your device is using wifi or mobile network. 2. Internet- The application will use mobile internet or wifi to stream music from our server. 3. Read Phone State- The application will check the status of your phone. If the phone is not in use, the app will stream music & will automatically stop stream whenever you make or receive a phone call. In addition, statistical data is collected & stored on google play whenever you install, uninstall or if the app crash on your device. This info is only used by the developer of the application & is never distributed to any third parties.

Information Gathering

When you create a User Account on Alabama's Finest, information including your email address, and physical IP Address are recorded and stored. This information is used internally by Alabama's Finest to secure your user account from un authrorized usage. This info is never distributed to any third parties.

Website Tracking

When a user/visitor visit our website, information including your physical IP Address, pages visited and other onsite activities are collected and stored for statistical purposes only. Statistical data is kept private and is used to generate internal statistics such as: page hit counts, song play counts, download counts & member counts. In addition, these statistics are primarily used to provide accurate results for our charting system. Again, this info is never distributed to any third parties.

Web Site Cookies

When interacting with the Alabama's Finest website, your Internet Browser and the Alabama's Finest server communicate via a "session cookie" mechanism. This cookie contains an anonymous identifier that is used by the Alabama's Finest website.

Information Disclosure

At no time is any account information shared with any outside parties, with the exception of law enforcement should the need arise, and only then to comply with a subpoena.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about the Alabama's Finest Privacy Policy, please contact us