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    Attitude is back with another Banger: Haters

    By Ricky.Abercrombie, 2021-05-17
    Attitude is back with another Banger: Haters

    Alabama Native & two time Grammy Nominee Artist/Songwriter Attitude is back at again with the release of the official music video: "Haters" produced by: DvmnLokee. This smash single gives you a taste of old school + new school & is accompanied by a dope visual to make this joint an official hit. What I like so much about this single is the fact that the track was well sampled, well arranged & meticulously mapped out from ground zero. In regards to the lyrical content, I truly admire the craftsmanship, the delivery & message of this song. To be straight up, This track is another one for the books. Attitude #Never cease to amaze me. And in my opinion, he is one of the most slept on artists in this industry. Well, you can be the judge of that... press play to witness the best that you have been missing.

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  • The Couples Corner Podcast w/t Rick & Tiff

    The Couples Corner Podcast

    What lengths will you go to, to prove infidelity?
    03/12/22 01:18:15PM
    As a freelance editor, I have been receiving a slew of requests from men to clean up audio dialogue of recordings of their significant other, committing acts of infidelity. I won’t get too deep into things BUT Mrs. TrickyRicky and I will dive in the next episode. So mark your calendar and keep your ears on.

    Can Old Flames Turn into some thangs!
    10/16/21 08:13:28PM
    Welcome back guys Mr & Mrs TrickyRicky here back with another podcast. On this episode we will be talking about old flames and can they turn into some things??? Please chime in with your messages & answer our Spotify poll regarding this topic.

    Toxic Marriages & Relationships- Are they really worth the time?
    07/02/21 10:23:14AM
    Greetings friends and family. Mr. & Mrs. TrickyRicky here & we are back with another couples podcast. In today’s segment, we’re going to decipher the hardships of being involved in a toxic situation & together, we determine if those type situations are worth your time & energy.

    Juneteenth National Holiday I Sip and Chat
    06/17/21 11:19:16PM
    Mr & Mrs. TrickyRicky random chat about the new national Juneteenth Holiday, over a glass of wine 🍷 🍷

    What if you were finalizing your divorce tomorrow?
    12/18/20 09:32:25AM
    On today's segment, we would like to talk about divorces, Co Parenting and moving on. Today's question is what would you do if it were you? would you act accordingly?? #LetsGo. If you like today's Segment or if you have a piggyback or a rebuttal, please leave us a voice message and we will revisit  the topic on a late date. Thanks for listining!!!!

  • Tech Talk

    New Updates, New Features & New Directives

    By Ricky.Abercrombie, 2023-05-23
    New Updates, New Features & New Directives

    In May 2023, The Alabama’s Finest platform has undergone a major transformation, based on where we started, what we have accomplished and where we’re heading next. Since the launch of this website in March 2013, we have grown in many ways, transitioning from a traditional record label to a digital distributor, later implementing our Media Streaming Server in 2014 where we went on to become a bonafide top 100 ShoutCast Stream for 5 consecutive years starting in 2015-2021. ShoutCast themselves even highlighted our success by writing a blog about us in their November 2020 addition of ShoutCast Blogs. With the latest changes in the manner that ShoutCast host streaming servers and their implementation of their new algorithms, we underwent an unfortunate fall from grace. Our days of a non paying stream, ruling the top 10 status has abruptly ended in March 2021.

    As a result, we went back to the drawing board to review our direction and what we needed to do to rebound from us losing our coveted title as a top stream. Many times we’ve outperformed major streams like info wars, but as of today, we have been reduced to #1 stream in the Urban Contemporary Genre on ShoutCast. Not a bad feat BUT we came to the conclusion that the time has come for us to expand our platform to reclaim our acclaim as a very popular and influential community on the internet. To accomplish that we felt inclined to start working on implementing Videos On Demand IPTV, Secured Streaming via SSL & give our website some what of a facelift.

    from April, 2021-December 2022, we have successfully compiled our VOD IPTV platform in which we’re currently in the final stages of testing. We will be launching this new platform with the arrival of Web3. From January 2023- May 2023, we have successfully implemented SSL secured web streams which means that our server is secured and our streams are now encrypted. Furthermore, we have also updated our website to version 7 (we started out on v4) which brings us new tools and features to our website. Last but not least, we’ve initiated our website facelift project where we will make minor changes to the appearance of our website and we’ve even added new pages to help amplify our achievements and what our next move is moving forward.

    Stay tuned because as apart of our website improvement efforts, we will be actively adding very informative content to keep users engaged in our community and perhaps encouraging them to become more active in supporting our platform as we grow. In closing, I would like to thank everyone who has supported our community over this past decade + we look forward to continue building new working relationships with new people & entities we continue to grow into a household name that provides the best independent content from independent creators.

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