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  • Artist Spotlight
    This song is literally #TooHard… I have been following FB Boochie on facebook for a few years now. & I must say, I am quite impressed with how this guy craft his verses. This artist has been around for quite some time & after many year of...
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  • The Couples Corner Podcast w/t Rick & Tiff

    The Couples Corner Podcast

    What lengths will you go to, to prove infidelity?
    03/12/22 01:18:15PM
    As a freelance editor, I have been receiving a slew of requests from men to clean up audio dialogue of recordings of their significant other, committing acts of infidelity. I won’t get too deep into things BUT Mrs. TrickyRicky and I will dive in the next episode. So mark your calendar and keep your ears on.

    Can Old Flames Turn into some thangs!
    10/16/21 08:13:28PM
    Welcome back guys Mr & Mrs TrickyRicky here back with another podcast. On this episode we will be talking about old flames and can they turn into some things??? Please chime in with your messages & answer our Spotify poll regarding this topic.

    Toxic Marriages & Relationships- Are they really worth the time?
    07/02/21 10:23:14AM
    Greetings friends and family. Mr. & Mrs. TrickyRicky here & we are back with another couples podcast. In today’s segment, we’re going to decipher the hardships of being involved in a toxic situation & together, we determine if those type situations are worth your time & energy.

    Juneteenth National Holiday I Sip and Chat
    06/17/21 11:19:16PM
    Mr & Mrs. TrickyRicky random chat about the new national Juneteenth Holiday, over a glass of wine 🍷 🍷

    What if you were finalizing your divorce tomorrow?
    12/18/20 09:32:25AM
    On today's segment, we would like to talk about divorces, Co Parenting and moving on. Today's question is what would you do if it were you? would you act accordingly?? #LetsGo. If you like today's Segment or if you have a piggyback or a rebuttal, please leave us a voice message and we will revisit  the topic on a late date. Thanks for listining!!!!

  • Tech Talk
    Thursday August 17 2023, 10:06 PM Tech Talk
    In the golden age of music, the recording studio was considered a sanctuary for artists—a sacred space where creativity could be harnessed, refined, and immortalized. Walls steeped in history, rooms filled with legendary equipment, and skilled...
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