Ricky Abercrombie
Ricky Abercrombie

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I am the Systems Administrator for Alabama’s Finest™ You have probably heard me in stream on our radio station. All questions and concerns are to be discussed with me. Simply signup and dm me

Problem Solving, keeping our network up and running


Our mission statement

Our mission & objectives at Alabama's Finest are quite transparent and straight forward. We are leading a statewide campaign to transform the face of the underground music scene by establishing a digital...


On July 4, 2013 Alabama's Finest officially launched an independent internet radio station & internet radio application for android on google play. This new platform is tailormade to cater to independent artists....


As an independent recording engineer, I have been using pro audio applications in my home recording studio since 2003. Over the years, I have recorded with just about everything under the sun. From Quartz Audio,...


Alabamasfinest proudly presents the official AlabamasFinest social media application for android devices. Development officially began on August 3, 2012. What this app does is serve as a bridge for music lovers to...