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  Atlanta, Georgia   Joined September 10, 2021

Atlanta artist Smokey Smothers cannot be confined to a box. The Kenosha and Eau Claire, WI native is a special kind of artist. Writing raps and producing her own beats became a passion at the tender age of 9. Between the years 1999-2012 Smokey created a plethora of music along side her cousins and Loud Noises Dynasty team. Spring 2015, Smokey released her Sophomore mixtape entitled “The Prelude.” A reviewer from Eau Claire's local "Volume One" magazine stated, “It’s a mix of anything from Sprawling jazz to left-field Co heed and Cambria samples, complimenting her breathless Southern - Reminiscent flow. “ This best defines Smokey's overall sound.

Having a passion for art and entertainment, she's also CEO of Spaceflight Media; specializing in videography, graphic design and script writing. After years of building an impressive discography of mixtapes and beat tapes, Smokey finally released her first EP titled 'Shadow Work'. This project is a reflection of self and about embracing your darkness and your light. 'Shadow Work' can be described best as a short novel with 5 powerful and captivating chapters.  Smokey Smothers is here to continue the legacy of her grandfather and great uncle; Chicago blues brothers Big Smokey Smothers and Little Smokey Smothers. Her commitment to this legacy and bringing good, relatable music to her fans is sure to keep her on the road to success.

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