Alabama's Finest™

Alabama's Finest™ is a independently owned Propietorship. We were founded on March 10, 2010. On February 23, 2011 we applied for a registered Trademark with the Alabama's Secretary of State office. On November 17, 2012 we officially launched this website. & on April 20, 2013 we launched our own internet radio station & released its Android application on Google Play. Our Mission Goal is to establish a independent marketplace that is 100% dedicated to marketing, streaming, distributing & publishing independent media, through our resources and social media. Alabama's Finest™ is based in Fultondale, Alabama under the management & Guidance of @TrickyRicky (System Administrator). Alabama's Finest™ is officially the first independent music group in Alabama to simultaneously:

  • Own & manage a Pro Tools HD3 home recording studio
  • Own & manage it's own Virtual Private Server (VPS), which host our websites & internet radio broadcasting platform
  • Own & manage a legally branded community driven marketplace network (
  • Own & manage a internet radio broadcasting server
  • Own & manage it's own digital distribution platform
  • Manage an active artist roster

No 3rd party systems, apps nor resources are used to power our system. The following api's are used to help further our social reach:

  • Social Share Buttons: to share our content on various social media outlets
  • YouTube API: to pull videos from YouTube
  • SoundCloud API: to pull songs from SoundCloud
  • Vimeo API: to pull/post videos from/to Vimeo

Disclaimer: and Alabama’s Finest HD Studios are both a subsidiarity of Alabama’s Finest™.