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On July 4, 2013 Alabama's Finest officially launched an independent internet radio station & internet radio application for android on google play. This new platform is tailormade to cater to independent artists. For the first time in Alabama History, there is now a independent social media community with it's very own internet radio station & mobile application. This community has been Trademarked in Alabama, under Personal Services. With that being said, we at Alabama's finest are now seeking to receruit aspiring radio personalities to join our team to help us establish a stronger listenerbase, strengthen our community & boost the popularity of our mobile application. This job is not a direct hire where we would pay you via salary. All applicants who join our team are paid via commission & will reap the following benefits:

  • Your very own internet radio stream that will made available on both our website & mobile application.
  • Full access to our system where you can connect/broadcast remotely from the comfort of any location of your choosing.
  • 10%-15% commissions on all sales, subscriptions & or ad placement on our website & or internet broadcast.
  • Personal profile page on our website where you can utilize all tools guaranteed to you so you can promote your show and interact with your listeners.
  • 100% promotion of your show, profile & social media profiles via ads on our website.
  • An independent outlet that you can use to establish your personality, build your resume & build a following.

At this time, we are seeking aspiring radio hosts, primarily college students who are taking classes in the broadcast field. We are looking to launch 5 shows that will broadcast simultaneously on both our website & mobile application. There's no set time frame on your show, you may retain it for as long as you continue to produce your segments or until it is ended by you or us.

In order to secure your show on our platform, you must meet certain requirements. The following requirements are set by Alabama's Finest in order for us to provide a stable platform, a functioning system & a professional structure that will represent the Alabama's Finest Brand.

All personalities must meet the following requirements:


  • Computer skills: you must have experience in maintaining & operating personal computer, laptop & or tablets
  • Social Media Skills: you must have experience in managing, operating social media profiles
  • Internet Broadcast Programming: you must have skills in setting up, programming & deploying a internet radio stream via: icecast, shoutcast, sam broadcaster, mixx & or butt.
  • Broadcast Management: you must have experience in managing a broadcast segment.
  • Verbal & Mass Communication Skills: you must have standard skills in communicating with the masses. All personalities are required to speak & broadcast in a professional manner using Standard English.
  • Troubleshooting Skills: you must have skills in troubleshooting issues that you may encounter with your show. If your stream or computer fails, you need to be able to single out, resolve the issue & restart your stream without having to bring in our developer(s)

Now that you know what we are looking for and what we ask for from our personalities, it time for us to let you know what enmeties comes with the territory. In order for us to provide a functioning system, it is our job to provide our team with the best tools available.

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