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Category: In Memory of Nicholas Filici

Aspiring Hip Hop Artist Neekz dead at age 30

By Ricky.Abercrombie, 2021-10-03
Aspiring Hip Hop Artist Neekz dead at age 30

It bring us great sadness to inform you an artist from our music program has passed away. The news was brought to our attention in a Facebook group that the 30 year old aspiring Hip Hop Artist Nicholas Filici (Lyrically known as "NEEKZ") had passed away on December 22, 2020, in his hometown of London, Ontario. Details about his death are not disclosed to respect his family during this difficult time.

The celebration of life will be announced at a later date, due to Covid19 restrictions.

In lieu of flowers and because of his love for Music, we ask that donations in Nico's name be made to Aeolian Hall: El Sistema Patron Program, supporting youth and musical arts in our community. (Supplied from Neekz Obituary)

Who was Neekz & How he contributed to our platform:

Neekz was a down to earth guy & he was on great speaking terms with Systems Administrator @TrickyRicky. Aside from music collaborations, he contributed a ton of music to our platform. In addition, TrickyRicky helped Neekz get his music legally registered so he can begin to earn digital royalties from his online streams. As a regular on our website, Neekz & TrickyRicky had befriended each other on Facebook where they would communicate & work together to promote new music. In honor of his legacy, Alabama's Finest™ Radio played one of his songs, every hour of the day from 10/1/2021- 10/3/2021. We will continue his legacy by continuing playing his music on our program, until instructed otherwise. To hear some of Neekz music feel free to drop by his profile.

Neekz was a very special individual, his contributions & his musical legacy will live on in our hearts forever.

with Love -TrickyRicky