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I am the Systems Administrator for Alabama’s Finest™ You have probably heard me in stream on our radio station. All questions and concerns are to be discussed with me. Simply signup and dm me

Problem Solving, keeping our network up and running
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In the Artist Spotlight 🚨 Birmingham rapper FB Boochie 🚨

user image 2021-05-30
By: Ricky.Abercrombie
Posted in: Artist Spotlight
In the Artist Spotlight 🚨 Birmingham rapper FB Boochie 🚨

This song is literally #TooHard… I have been following FB Boochie on facebook for a few years now. & I must say, I am quite impressed with how this guy craft his verses. This artist has been around for quite some time & after many year of consistent music promotion, he has garnered a huge following to the point to where his videos go from 0 to 100k and to 1 milli, before the first week ends. And for that, we recognize this guy and hereby deem him worthy of this weeks Artist Spotlight... Press Play & TurnUP!!!