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I am the Systems Administrator for Alabama’s Finest™ You have probably heard me in stream on our radio station. All questions and concerns are to be discussed with me. Simply signup and dm me

Problem Solving, keeping our network up and running
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Brave Browser: Private & Anonymous Browsing for FREE

user image 2021-05-15
By: Ricky.Abercrombie
Posted in: Tech Talk
Brave Browser: Private & Anonymous Browsing for FREE

The Brave Browser is a hidden gem and a force to be reckoned with. According to Brave, their web browser is faster than Chrome, has better privacy than Firefox and it uses less battery on mobile devices like smartphones and laptops. After test driving Brave Browser, I have found its security to be unmatched by the most popular browsers on the web. The thing that I like so much about Brave is that it blocks malware & it also prevents websites from tracking and or collecting too much information about you.

Another thing that I like so much about Brave Browser is: The browser is Crypto friendly... You can earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT Tokens Cyptocurrency) from viewing ads on the Brave Browser. You can also purchase BAT Crypto securely from your web browser via: The Uphold Wallet. Last but not least, if you are a Content Creator, you can earn rewards through the Brave Rewards program. Others who use the Brave Browser can TIP you BAT Crypto to help support the content that you contribute. You can also earn BAT through the following channels: Your Website, YouTube Channel, Twitch & or your online publication.

With the world the way it is: ie. too many websites & web browsers are tracking and collecting massive user data that is sold to advertisement entities. With the Brave Browser, you are in control... Limit how your internet usage data is collected, regain your privacy & Secure your data. Make your way over to brave.com to download The Brave Browser today. It's free and its available on android, iOS, MacOS & Windows. Check out Brave Browser Today.